Web Development is literally mind-blowing

Being a web developer today is such a wonderful thing and I genuinely am thankful that I am part of this incredible industry.

Web Development is at the forefront of everything we use in every day life, From Netflix, to Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, I could literally go on forever, it is a necessary part of all of our lives today.

However, being a web developer does come with a downside that I think is actually a thing, and that anyone who is not a developer, wont really understand. This is my own opinion…..

Being the fastest changing industry on earth,  Web Development is literally mind-blowing, new technologies, new re-writes of old technologies, new frameworks, new startups offering us the world and more, new experts who know everything, new experts who nothing!

What do we believe? Who do we believe?

Keeping up with the Jones’s

It’s a big part of my job to try to keep up to date with all of this mayhem and to work out for myself what is right, what is wrong, what should i believe, I am always asking myself, should I scrap that last project and rewrite with this new technology I have just discovered, should I listen to this guy?, or that guy?, should I use a framework or a system just because everyone else, it’s like keeping up with the Jones’s!

Web Developer Extraordinaire

The one source I have found and that I can always rely on is from a fellow Scot (person from Scotland) an incredible developer, someone who is zero bulls**t! I have never engaged and followed any developer as much as I follow this gent!

I anticipate his email notifications in my mailbox telling me about his latest video posted on YouTube, I watch everything he posts as I know, I get the truth, I get honesty, I get fun and laughter, I get deep true emotion for his love of web development, he is as passionate as I am about this industry and every single video he posts truly expresses this.

Who am I talking about? The self proclaimed, ‘Web Developer Extraordinaire‘ – And quite rightly so!

David Connelly.

David has worked for incredibly wealthy clients from all over the globe. However, he is the most humble person you will ever encounter. He truly knows his stuff in Web Development, he engages and actively talks with his followers/fans, he keeps us educated, entertained and intrigued.

David has the ability and skill to probably be a multi-millionaire, yet he has time for even the nobody’s, guys like me trying to change the world with code, he respects the little people, he is an inspiration not only to me but to so many other people who feel exactly as I do about this wonderful gentleman.

The Codeigniter Master

David wrote one of the biggest and best tutorial series on YouTube for Codeignter, a PHP Framework.

This is how I first came to know of David Connelly.

David was so good at Codeigniter, he almost considered taking it over when EllisLab were looking for new owners to take it over, this is how much David knew about the framework.

You must seriously know your stuff if you even consider taking over a framework, this shows how much David knew about the system.

David really embedded my love for web development with his thorough, intuitive and excellent tutorials based on the Codeigniter framework. – there is simply nothing he cannot build with it.


This is by far the most incredible feat I have ever witnessed, it could actually be a movement in the web development world!

I followed David through this whole journey and witnessed one man with vision, turn it into reality.

This is by far the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed any web developer achieve.

David Connelly has wrote ‘the fastest’, most incredible, tried and tested PHP system on earth – He named it Trongate.

When Trongate was just in talks and David was sharing his ideas with his followers and fans, he decided to create a network of members and built a community called Speed Coders Academy.

The Speed Coders would pay a subscription fee to be the first (and lucky ones) to be able to experience Trongate, help with the development and go down in history as the first adopters of this incredible system.

The Subscription was to aid with supporting David to work on this new system full time, he exhausted his own savings, he literally shared a video and brutally told his followers how little left he had in the bank, he invested everything!

With the help from the speed Coding community he finalised his system and through witnessed videos, he can build modules at eye-watering speeds!

With Trongate, Developers have the power and speed to build complex systems for their clients. Best of all it is everything that you need without the overheads that other frameworks seem to pack into their codebase. It is a smart system that does everything you need without, and nothing you don’t need. Simple, powerful, unique!

I always wanted to be Speed Coder and pay the subscription, but having 3 children, it was hard for me personally to commit to such an outlay of money or else I would have been first in line knocking at the door, to be a part of this preliminary inner circle.

Final Thoughts

David Connelly, a man who will certainly go down in history as a game changer, no bullshitter, gentleman, comedian, friend and well deserved, Web Developer Extraordinaire!

Check out David on Youtube and Subscribe to his channel and share the wonderful experiences we all get to experience.

Thank you to David, for everything he has done for the Web Development Community.


Brian Revie

Brian Revie

A UK Based Web Developer who solves problems for the Business Community

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