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Being a Web Developer And WordPress Developer I have installed WordPress locally on my MacBook tons of time. I do this so I can work on a website before it goes onto a live server.

When installing WordPress on my MacBook my “usual” go to application has always been MAMP.

MAMP is wonderful tool and has everything I need to setup a local dev environment in my machine and build any website or application offline right from machine.

So what’s the problem?

MAMP actually doesn’t have too many problems at all and it has always served me well, that is until I could probably the best local dev environment setup I have ever known! – Bold statement!

The main reasons I am switching from MAMP.

MAMP ‘although very powerful, it looks terribly dated, it look ancient in Fact! MAMP also has a clunky interface that opens multiple web browser windows to manage your website and database.

Another thing which hasn’t been a problem until I found a solution is that being a local dev environment means just that, its local, only on my machine, that means only I can see what I am building.

To allow others to see what I have built I have had to export my database, from the browser window interface, then export my site from my htdocs folder. Then I have to upload all of this to a live server, create a database, install the MySQL file – What a nightmare!!

So what’s the answer?

Local by flywheel is an incredible, simple yet powerful piece of software that revolutionises how you work with WordPress in a local environment.

With Local by Flywheel, you can setup a new dev environment, install WordPress and run your site in the click of a button. You can setup any number of local WordPress installations and at the flick of a switch make them online or offline.

One of the best things about local is the tunnel links it provides! Every new site you setup through flywheel provides a link which allows you to share with friends or colleagues.

Once the link is clicked by your friend or colleague they too will be able to see your local website on their machine!!

Why is the tunnel link the best feature?

When using MAMP to build a website locally on my machine the sticking point for me has always been not being able to view my website from my iPhone.

Because my website was running through MAMP on my MacBook, this was impossible for me to view the dev site on my iPhone for mobile testing.

The tunnel link provided by flywheel has changed everything for me!

Final thoughts

I am in no way affiliated with Flywheel, but I just had to shout about how amazing it is for local development and wanted to share this with you. So if you develop websites or software from a local dev environment, I highly recommend using Local by Flywheel.

You can thank me later.

Download Local by Flywheel
Brian Revie

Brian Revie

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