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Facebook now has over 2 Billion users every single month and is the most popular Social Networking platform out there. Everyone and their mother is using Facebook for all sorts of reasons, but for businesses it is a valuable tool. With a ready built audience you too could leverage this audience to your advantage, especially when launching your new App!

If you have the budget, you could easily start numerous ad campaigns and target your app to appear in the timelines of the target audience you have. You can spend as little or as much as you want with targeted ad’s through Facebook, however, not all of us have this luxury to be able to fund and track such campaigns.

Worry not, as we will share some fantastic tips on how you can use Facebook to increase downloads of your new app.


Facebook Call To Action Button

Incase you didn’t know, All Facebook pages have customisable CTA (Call to Action) buttons that you can add to your Facebook page that help drive business objectives. They have 7 different options that you can choose from when adding a CTA button to your Facebook page.

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

You can select and customise each call to action, the one you will be interested in to promote your new App is ‘Use App’.

This can then point to your apps landing page or website if you have one and will really help drive people to download your new app. Because this is a Facebook service you have the advantage of seeing insights on the button to show just how many people are clicking it to view your new App!


Call To Actions In Posts

Some times it takes ‘Telling your visitors what to do’ to make them take action. This means when posting on Facebook, literally adding a call to action that tells your user, “Go download my app” or “Download FREE today” this can be a very effective way of getting users to visit and download your app.

When posting, you don’t want to bombard your visitors with too much information about your app in one post as this can be over powering and sometimes confusing for your visitors. Break down your posts into individual segments of your app or features. Example posts could be:

  • App Features – Shout about a specific feature that could benefit your users, even include a screenshot of the feature and don’t forget the Call to action.
  • Problem Solving – Tell your users a problem then shout about how your app will fix it with a call to action such as, “Let us fix your problem today, download our app now”
  • Incentives – Post about any discounts or offers available when ordering or booking through your app such as, “First order half price” or “10% off all orders through the app” it can be whatever you want.
  • Reviews and Comments – Share what other people are saying about your app. When people hear that someone has had a good experience, they too will want to experience the same thing! Ask your current customers to also post reviews on your page, build your brand loyalty!


Sharing is Caring

All to often people forget the basics and this consists of simple asking people to share your page! Contact all of your friends and family through facebook and simply ask them, “Can you share my new app page?” Chances are they will, because they already know and trust you, this will increase your apps reach a lot and who knows could bring in some valuable business! What have you got to lose.


Video Presentation

Videos are powerful, they can show so much more information in such a short amount of time, They can get a message across better than a simple image. Over 1 Billion videos are watched on Facebook every single day, so this type of advertising is certainly worth looking into.

You don’t need expensive video equipment or fancy video editing software all you need is a friend.

Simply get a friend to stand over your shoulder with their mobile phone and record you going over your app on your mobile phone, talking and explaining what each page and feature does and how they can benefit your customers. Then simply upload this video to your Facebook page as a video explainer and your done.

Another way is using your phone to record the screen as you scroll through your app, this will not capture any sound, however it still gives an overview of your app and its features giving a clear view to your customers what your app is all about.

If you have a budget and want to take your video further but don’t have the expertise, you can always use freelance companies online and hire someone to make you a super cool video presentation for your app.

You can use companies such as:

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