What Is Elementor

Elementor is a Super Simple but Super Powerful Page Builder for WordPress. It comes packed with incredible features that any Web Developer or Full Agency can harness to maximise their output.

Elementor is so powerful that as a Developer it has opened the doors to new potential customers I never throught I could reach.

I can target high end websites who need powerful custom feature sets thanks to the incredible diversity and power of Elementor.

Why Elementor

I have worked with WordPress for a long time and have always tried to include page builders for the simple fact than when the client takes ownership of the new site, the page builder assists the client in updating their website easily.

The usual Page builder I include in sites is WPBakery. As awesome as WPBakery is, it comes with a lot of overheads. It is Big, sluggish and clunky and just packed with lots of things I simply do not use or need.

Also WPBakery is just a page builder, nothing more nothing less. Elementor is Blazing Fast, Streamlined and is more than just a page Builder!!

Dynamic Content

Elementor is not only a slick page builder, but it also incorporates Dynamic Content Features which really is where Elementor Stands out from the rest!

Working with Custom Post Types and Custom Fields is a key part of the Dynamic Content. This allows you to create custom page templates for anything in WordPress and utilising Dynamic Content you can pull in Post Data Dynamically.

It really has to be seen to be believed, it truly blew my mind!

Templates & Blocks

Elementor comes packed with many FREE and Premium Templates and Blocks that you can insert into any page with a single click.

Not only that you can save any of your custom layouts as Reusable Templates. These get saved to your very own ‘Saved Templates’ section that you can reuse again and again in any page design you create.

You can also create your very own blocks to reuse in any page and even create Global Blocks that when you update one of them, they update every block of that type throughout your website – Amazing!

Theme Builder

Elementor is more than a Page Builder, Elementor PRo comes with an incredible Them Builder that lets you build elements to totally build a theme layout from scratch!

Theme builder lets you create custom layouts for your them such as headers, Footers, Page Templates Popups and more!

Using this powerful feature with Elementors FREE WordPress Theme, Hello Theme, Makes for a super Fast, Super Optimised and custom theme exactly to your specification!

  • Header Template (you can create more than one header and assign any header to any page in your website)
  • Footer Template
  • Page Template
  • Popup Template
  • Section Template
  • Single Template
  • Archive Template

Third Party Integrations

As well as providing a wealth of awesome features and tools to build any kind of site you can imagine, Elementor also comes with prebuilt integrations with some of the biggest and best third party services on the market.

Easily setup Mailchimp Signup Forms or build a custom Woocommerce Shop with custom templates in no time with Elementor.

Elementor also includes Zapier Integration to Zap your way to the next best website ever!

Brian Revie

Brian Revie

A UK Based Web Developer who solves problems for the Business Community

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