The Big Transition has begun!

For those of you who have worked with me for many years you will know my company as Expressive Media.

Expressive Media was built on the back of my Graphic Design Profession, where I concentrated solely on Graphic Design projects.

I designed everything from App User Interfaces, Websites, App Icons, Print Work and Everything in between.

Through the years I have however transitioned in to more and more Web Development.

I am slowly but surely transitioning all of my Social Networks from Expressive Media to Brian Revie Web Developer.

This is for multiple reasons. I want to concentrate on Development work more and I also want to portray a more authentic approach to business as trading under my own name.

I don’t proclaim to be a business entity without a face. Clients need to know exactly who they are working with. Me, not a faceless company.

All projects built under the Expressive Media brand I will still maintain and manage, however I will be active under the Brian Revie Web Developer brand from here on out.

This is not an end to Expressive Media. But a new beginning to Brian Revie Web Development.

The next chapter has begun.

Here’s to the future!

Brian Revie

Brian Revie

A UK Based Web Developer who solves problems for the Business Community

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